About Us


Everyday affirmations cards that will change everything.


Sounds good hey? It works, we promise. We had been watching life pass us by - too busy to pause and remind ourselves of all the beauty that is already around us. 
So we embarked on a journey of change. Day by day our perspective shifted and all we did was make one small change per day- our words.
Grounded Minds - happy thoughts affirmation cards are the powerful words that filled my journal and transformed our life, and I know they will change yours.
My name is Alanna, and that is my partner Angus (pic below). We are on a mission to spread the love, and our learnings far and wide.




I started one-line drawing and writing affirmations during 2020 as a form of expression.  I felt a strong need to be creative. I didn't imagine these would become affirmation cards, but once I took them from my sketchbook to digital art, there was a natural progression and the cards were born. I have always been an advocate for daily affirmations and actually wake up every morning and read one myself, setting my intentions for the day and carrying the message with me. 
I hope to inspire you to build a happy ritual into your day, with these cards becoming the perfect prompt.
♥️ Alanna