About Me

Hi, I'm Alanna! 👋🏻

Thanks for stopping by and checking out this special soul-led creation by me 🦋

A long walk on the beach, with my feet in the ocean was the moment the name ‘Grounded Minds’ popped into my mind. At that very moment, I had never felt so grounded, so aligned with my path.

It's easy for life to sweep us off our feet and all of a sudden we are riding a wave we didn’t plan to ride, too scared to dive into the unknown and trust our inner compass.

At that moment walking hand-in-hand with my partner Angus we decided to dive in. These cards were already well and truly taking form. I started making them as a creative project and I didn’t plan to share them. Maybe with friends, but mostly just for me to remember the lessons I was learning so that I could continue practicing them. Without Angus’ encouragement you may never have landed on this page and been able to purchase a deck for yourself!

I spent hours upon hours hand-drawing one-line illustrations on big pieces of paper with a giant marker. Each card is truly one of a kind (kinda like you) and each message the card holds is unique. They are mantras, affirmations, and wisdom to carry with you for your day and provide you with clarity. They are made for every day, and especially the days when you are feeling rushed from moment to moment. These cards are here to remind you to pause (even for one minute) and breathe in this glorious day.

I hope they keep you grounded, I hope they remind you how unique you are, and how there is meaning to be found even in the not so happy days.

Love lots Alanna ❤️