How to create lasting abundance

How to create lasting abundance


Prefer to digest learnings through video? Check out my video on abundance mindset via youtube: 


The definition of abundance is: ‘A very large quantity of something’.

My definition of abundance is: A feeling of fullness and contentment with all that I have and all that I desire. 

Abundance is not about how much you have compared to the person next to you. Abundance is noticing you have enough, you are enough, life in its simplest form is abundant. 

My Favourite Free Tool: 

21 Days of Abundance with Deepak Chopra

I first felt complete abundance when I completed the ‘21 Days of Abundance’ meditation with Deepak Chopra. This meditation is free and available as an introduction to his teachings. You can find it on Youtube, Spotify, or via the Chopra App. 

I have since completed this meditation more than 6 times and whenever I feel lack I will practice it again. It helped me fall in love with meditation and it also helped me notice how abundant my life already is. By changing my mindset I also began to welcome more abundance into my life in crazy ways. I truly believe having an abundant mindset is a huge contribution to manifesting your desires (more on this soon). 

I cannot recommend this meditation enough, start today! 

How I stay on track: 

So, you might be nodding your head saying ‘Alanna, I have felt abundance before. I know what you mean. It feels gooooood! But it is fleeting. Because life happens and then I find myself falling off track.’

Next time you are faced with a feeling of lack I want you to stop and remind yourself of the following mantras and affirmations:  

  1. I am grateful because all that I have is already enough. 
  2. There is enough to go around. There are enough opportunities for all because abundance is infinite. 
  3. The more I give, the more I receive. When you have an abundant mindset you do not fear giving to those around you. Giving creates more abundance in the lives of others and in return gives more abundance to you.

My favorite way to use these mantras is to set them as reminders on my phone. I have an 8am and a 12pm reminder that pops up for me daily. You can create your own and allow them to prompt you daily. 

My abundance ritual: 

One final thing before you leave is to remember that when creating new habits in your life it is important to create daily rituals. 

My top tip to making abundance a habit is to start an abundance journal. Each day write down what makes you happy, reflect on the moments that have brought you the most joy, be grateful, and smile. Then pause and absorb the feelings that come up for you. This doesn’t have to be overly time consuming. You can spend as little as 5 minutes on this. 5 minutes is all it takes to change the way you perceive your world. 

So what I want you to take away from this is.. 

  1. Start the 21 day abundance challenge with Deepak Chopra. Please let me know how this made you feel once completed and did you attract more goodness into your life as a result?

    Link to meditation:

  2. Choose from the mantra’s above OR create your own abundance mantra so you are reminded daily of your blessings.

  3. Make Abundance journaling a new daily ritual for you. 

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